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Shell is utilized as an aggregate material for construction projects and paving, it serves as a versatile and eco-friendly option in certain applications. Here are four common uses for shell as an aggregate material:

Decorative Landscaping

For landscaping, are often used to create aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly surfaces. Crushed shell can be used as a decorative mulch around flower beds, pathways, and garden borders, adding a natural and coastal-inspired touch to outdoor spaces. Its light color and texture enhance the visual appeal of landscaping features while providing effective weed suppression and moisture retention.

Driveway and Path Construction

In this application, are suitable for constructing driveways, walkways, and paths in residential and commercial settings. When the material i crushed, is compacted and leveled to create a durable and stable surface that can withstand pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Shell driveways and paths offer a unique alternative to traditional paving materials, providing a rustic charm and excellent drainage properties. Additionally, shell surfaces require minimal maintenance and can be easily refreshed by adding additional layers over time.

Coastal Erosion Control

Along coastal areas prone to erosion, are used as a natural and sustainable solution for shoreline stabilization and erosion control. These materials, are placed along vulnerable shorelines to create protective barriers against wave action and tidal currents. The irregular shapes and sizes of these aggregates help dissipate wave energy and promote sediment accretion, thereby reducing erosion rates and preserving coastal habitats.

Waterfront Infrastructure

In waterfront construction projects, these aggregates are employed in the development of marine structures and waterfront infrastructure. Shell-filled gabion baskets or bags are used as erosion control measures along riverbanks, shorelines, and coastal structures. These gabion systems provide effective erosion protection while promoting habitat restoration and ecological enhancement. Additionally, shell aggregates can be used as lightweight fill material in the construction of floating docks, marinas, and boat ramps, offering buoyancy and stability in aquatic environments.

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